Grooming Services

Professional Grooming Services

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Grooming at Dog Naturals is done by appointment.  Please call for an appointment.  The schedule usually fills up about several weeks in advance.  It doesn't hurt to call and see if a last minute appointment is available due to a cancellation or missed appointment.  However, the majority of our clientele schedules six weeks in advance.

Dogs certainly know when they are clean and looking good. Well-groomed dogs are happier, better behaved, healthier, and more outgoing. Just like all of us, they feel good when they look good. Dog Naturals offers a complete line of fine grooming services to bring out the best of appearance and personality in any breed. I work carefully, never rush, and do not overbook appointments. I always take my time and do it right. Grooming categories may be described as follows:

This is an essential service that maintains the appearance and hygiene of your pet. Each Basic service at Dog Naturals includes:

  • Choice of basic shampoo

  • Blow dry

  • Full brushing out

Your dog will look fuller, healthier, and more colorful. It will look and feel younger and smell terrific! (This service is ideal for dogs who have had a full service groom in the past few weeks and do not require nails, ears and glands to be checked.)

Bath and Touch Up Service

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This service includes all Basic items above plus I will trim the hair around:

  • Paws

  • Ears

  • Loose ends

  • The potty and private areas

  • Eyes

  • Trim Nails, Clean Ears and Check Glands included

This is less expensive than a full haircut and appropriate for dogs  who were recently groomed or want to maintain the current length of their coat, but simply need a clean-up and a sanitary trim.

Full Grooming Service

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This service consists of a full haircut from nose to tail, usually using scissors and clippers. Haircuts start with a full bath, brush, and blow dry and include all the elements described in our Basic and Touch Up services. You decide exactly how you want your pet to look, how long or short the hair should be and whether your pet should look full bodied or slim. I will work hard to give your pet the individual look you want that will assuredly bring out the essence of its personality.

There are many variables in pet grooming, such as whether your pet has long or short hair and also if the hair is matted and tangled. Therefore, there is no set pricing for fine grooming. I set individual prices for each pet, largely based on the time required to complete the chosen service. Factors which determine the price of a service include:

  • Amount of scissor work

  • Brushing

  • Clipping

  • Degree of matting

  • Difficulty of the cut

  • Disposition of the animal

  • Drying time

  • Length of hair

  • Size of pet

However, you will find our prices quite reasonable.  Quoted prices typically start based on a dog who receives a Full Grooming Every 6 to 8 weeks.  If it has been considerably longer since your last groom expect to pay more.  I will be happy to quote you a price estimate range over the phone, and I invite your inquiries.

When giving an estimate some things can be difficult to estimate over the phone and sometimes in person... if the following things are found during the grooming process additional charges will be accessed:

  • De-shedding: $15 and up. (rejuvenates the coat)

  • De-matting: $15 and up.

Fleas or Ticks $5 and up.


Grooming and Spa Options

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Personalize Your Dog's Spa Experience with a Spa Package: Choose a custom shampoo and 2 Spa on Services for $12 or opt for the basic shampoo and 2 Services for $8.  A list of currently available Custom Shampoos is available upon request.

  • Whitening Facial $5

  • Teeth brushing: $5

  • Nail trimming: $10 (but included with any bath or haircut)

  • Custom Shampoo choice $5

  • Luxury Moisturizers $5

  • Nail Filing $5